SPP opened a filling station for liquefied natural gas LNG in Slovakia, namely in Trnava and Prešov. Another one in Brodske will follow shortly. By opening these gas stations, SPP is interested in reaching a wide range of local as well as national carriers, bus companies, and at the same time ensuring refueling options for long-distance transit transport. The project of LNG filling stations is unique in its concept, as well as the combination of selling not only LNG for the segment of heavy cargo transport, but also CNG for the segment of passenger and bus transport. The gas stations have technology that uses an LNG tank with a size of 80 m3. Through sophisticated technology, it is subsequently possible to refuel LNG itself for all types of trucks. By heating LNG in vaporizers, CNG is produced, which can then be filled either in passenger cars, buses or CNG vans. The concept of gas stations is set as fully autonomous and self-service.

There are currently 23 public CNG filling stations available to motorists in Slovakia. The company SPP CNG s.r.o. has 17 CNG filling stations in its business administration, which are operated in self-service mode and are accessible to customers continuously 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Two public filling stations are operated by SAD Zvolen, a.s. in Zvolen and Banská Bystrica. Other filling stations are available in Dunajská Streda, Levice, Bratislava and Bytča.

Filling stations operated by SPP CNG s.r.o. accept payments made by SPP CNG customer cards or the following bank payment cards: